Phoenician Shipwreck  - Luis Marino

Phoenician Shipwreck


He created a group of sculptures, consisting in the artistic interpretation of the discovery of the Phoenician shipwreck in Mazarrón, which dates from the 7th century BC.

From drawings and models, the artist recreates, together with the graphic designer Diego Bravo, a project based in the mythological figure of the hippocamp (sea horse), which appears in some Phoenician coins and in the obverse of some lead coins minted in the ancient land of Mazarrón, together with dolphins, doves, and waxing half-moons, rudders and ships.

With computer graphics and two new models, this time at a scale of 1:17, the sculptures were created in ‘Talleres Leorpe’ in Hernani. The material chosen is Corten steel. The group of sculptures weights 18,000 Kg, and is 7 metres high.

The result is a particularly sinuous design, which reflects the feeling of movement the artist was trying to find, together with a treatment in the shape of waves with stamped concrete for the floor, where he puts together ochre, red ochre and blue, as significant colours of the environment.

The sculptures are exhibited permanently at the entrance of the Port of Mazarrón and they have become a part of its landscape and its history.

Pecios Fenicios
Roundabout of the Phoenician ships, Port of Mazarrón. Luis Marino

Pecios Fenicios
2004 Unveiling ceremony of the sculptures.