Ursi’s path - Luis Marino

Ursi’s path

A tribute to the recently deceased sculptor Ursicino Martínez ‘Ursi’.

His name will be remembered in the Palentina Mountain, in the border between Palencia and Cantabria, with a new cultural reference made up of a path full of sculptures where his works and the works of another twenty artists are placed.

It is framework of sculptures which constitutes an outdoors museum, a route of more than 10 kilometres in a spectacular landscape, between Villabermudo and Santullán.

The route has three kind of paths and the natural milestones which mark them are the Alto de los Castillos and the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora del Carmen.

All the itinerary is signposted and is to be done on foot, containing rest and interpretation areas linked to ‘Ursi’s’ works and environment.

La Senda de Ursi
Trials on the solar noon measuring device invented by Antonio J. Cañones.