Preface  - Luis Marino


Luis Marino is a non-conformist painter – you can notice by his work. He is rather a shy rebel who started his artistic path ‘jumping’ directly from Mazarrón to New York to live an adventure, to watch what happened there, to learn. There, he was part of the GALA group and he participated in six exhibitions as a part of it. But Luis doesn’t need, like other artists, to travel to remote or exotic countries to fill his retina, to influence his work, I can tell by his works. He enriches his palette with the colours of Mazarrón, extraordinary rich in tonalities and nuances.

His pictorial work establishes a path from the harsh lack of emotion of the abandoned mines to the calm warmth of the sea, from the red-ochre and the pyrite ochre to the sand gold, and the Mediterranean blue, all far apart and all placed on top, with strength, with courage, in a balanced and violent way.

The artist has managed to show his state of mind and undress it in different mediums such as painting, sculpture, video, and photography, causing an impact on the audience in a brave and mature way.

Text:     Encarna Zamora

2007 Luis Marino in Madrid. Photography exhibition ´La Citta Invisibile, lo Sguardo Visibile´. Photo: Paulino Alacid

2004 Luis Marino in the studio ‘Rafael Alberti’ in Mazarrón.