Matter  - Luis Marino



It is, above all, an essential period in the re-study of materials and mixed techniques, which causes works with a strong visual impact, with a marked material nature. The result is an experimental work, framed within research and observation.

The pleasant discovery of matter’s soul.

Luis Marino, a genuine artisan and a great and tenacious creator endowed with a sublime knowledge of the materials and with an uncommon aesthetic intuition, manages to reveal his inner truth through a material and spiritual painting at the same time. He scratches the surface, like a real tightrope walker between the content and the emptiness, like the best chronicler of shapes and his ideas. He is the tireless pursuer of invisible. He is the painter of the constant discovery of the inner being, of the outside through the joyful manipulation of the materials. He is a trapped composer and a colourless decomposer of the reality to find his truth or his raison d’être. This way, he creates, recreates, composes and destroys, to reach the emptiness of matter and the truth inside himself, to tear the futile things, and to show his certainty and his soul.