Beginnings New York - Luis Marino

Beginnings New York


We can consider this a search period, marked by a stay in New York City and by the creation of the GALA group, of which he was co-founder, in collaboration with the German writer and art critic Peter Bloch.

The big influence in this period is marked by the close contact with the sculptor Ricardo Torres, with whom he shares studio and friendship, not forgetting Ellen Sullivan, Andrés Domínguez, Guillermo Salazar, Francisco Espinoza and José Castineira, among others.

Text in honour – of Ricardo Torres –

I remember you entirely, unscathed, unaware of the hurly-burly and of the artistic trends of that city and of every city.

You carried in your essence a vast Mayan universe from which extraordinary busts, drawings and bas-reliefs emerged.

Real art was taking shape while we were chatting animatedly during the long and unforgettable days in that disturbing workshop in the Bronx. You taught me everything barely showing me something. You were modest and generous. You are still a big and old figure, but you didn’t live enough to be able to come to Spain.

Life took those years from you, it might have been the chance or maybe the instinct of your blood distrustful of your homeland, which was delaying your last trip.

Inicios New York
New York from the Twin Towers. Luis Marino 1984